Since 1989, the company has written and produced plays with themes as diverse as Teenage pregnancy, The Holocaust, Gun-crime, Social History, Diabetes, Accident prevention, Reminiscence, The Holocaust, Domestic Violence  - even a musical about Football!  The company has performed its work in 800-seat theatres, studio theatres, schools, colleges, hospitals, community centres, residential homes, a police station, court room and even a corridor! 

Children of The Wolf

A hard-edged, pacey thriller examining the legacy of Fascism.

In his study at a provincial, German University, Professor Wolf Kruger awaits the arrival of Anya Rosenberg, a young Jewish researcher who claims to wish to interview him about his new book 'Children of The Wolf.' Outside, beneath Kruger's window Neo-Nazis rally, clashing in confrontation with left-wing opponents. As the conflict intensifies below his window, Kruger checks the war-time revolver in his desk. If Anya is who he thinks she is - he will have to use it!

As a game of cat and mouse begins, long buried bitter issues of tyranny and racial hatred begin to surface, reaching their climax in a soul-shattering conclusion.


UNDERWORLD is an original play focusing on issues around gun culture - By turns humorous, violent, passionate and lyrical - UNDERWORLD examines the place of loyalty, love and sacrifice in a world of violence, greed, corruption and murder.

Performed at The Zion Arts Centre, Manchester during April 2004, extracts were filmed for video and used to explore the issues of Gun Crime with Young people in Manchester.

Also featured in the Open Space Guns and Gangs Event Oct 2004

Our 1st play BLUE SKIES


The Legend

The Story of

A Man

A Town

A Team

And a Dream!

LEGEND – The birth of a Football Musical – John Woudberg

As far as we know, this was the first ever full-length musical about football. Taking over a year to research, write and produce, 'LEGEND' tells the story of one of the game's all-time greats Sir Tom Finney and the fans upon whom he had such an unbelievable impact.

'LEGEND' is so much more than a musical about football. It is the story of Preston itself and the dreams of ordinary people played out on the Deepdale pitch – every other Saturday. It is also the story of the ‘under-dog' - Finney was thought too small to make it – and of how passion and commitment can overcome even the greatest obstacles to our dreams.