One woman's struggle to break the chains of love

It is Christmas Eve and 'Rose,' a woman in a red dress, awakes to find that she has no memory of who or where she is. As she gradually weaves the threads of memory together, a dark and violent picture begins to emerge…. Compelled to leave for fear of her life Rose begins to pack...but it's dark outside and the house is full of strange noises. Will she escape, before her attacker returns? …Or is he still in the house?

LADY IN RED - combines superb dialogue, a compelling plot, inspired performance and evocative colours to create an unforgettable experience - a journey through one woman's attempts to leave an abusive relationship.

LADY IN RED provides an excellent means of focusing on the complex issues surrounding domestic abuse and is an ideal event in itself as well as a great way to help focus your own event or training.

Power and control, physical, emotional and psychological abuse, fear of the unknown and "Why doesn't she leave?" are just some of the issues raised in this contemporary look at domestic violence.

The accompanying after-show discussion with the writers and actors enables audiences to connect with these issues in an accessible and positive way.