Certain Curtain Theatre Company

at the forefront of the use of theatre and drama

within the field of domestic violence since 1995.

What started as a 'one-off' job, has developed into an issue that Claire and John care passionately about. We have undertaken domestic violence training and spoken to thousands of victims and survivors of domestic violence. We have performed to 100s of 1,000s of people nation-wide - including - survivors, public audiences, women's groups, magistrates, probation workers, The Police, Solicitors, Schools, Colleges, volunteer agencies including the Samaritans, Victim Support, Women's Aid and Refuge Staff and many more.


Actively involved locally with the Lancashire D.V. Forum and national campaigns, you can be assured of an informed and sensitive approach to your domestic violence training and awareness raising needs.

 What our audiences say

"Excellent productions and very effective at getting the message across to professionals about the importance of recognising the often hidden tactics of domestic abuse and the impact on services provided by all agencies. The Q&A sessions are very informative and show the knowledge that underlies Certain Curtain's performances. Highly Recommended." CHOICES Domestic abuse Charity

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This award-winning play explores one woman's attempts to leave an abusive relationship and the barriers she faces. It helps the audience to finally answer the age old question 'Why doesn't she just leave?' Which remains the main obstacle to many people fully understanding the true nature of domestic violence. It explores the whole relationship from the warning signs, through pregnancy, the barriers to seeking help and covers all aspects of dv with a particular focus on the emotional and psychological abuse - coercive control and its effects.

Awesome, just awesome! ALL people in services dealing with victims of domestic abuse need to see this Including Police, CPS and Judges!”
Penny Clough MBE
(Mother of Jane Clough, the Blackpool nurse who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend)



Explores the impact of DV on two teenage children and their mother. It explores the different effects from conception to teenage years, on girls and boys, the 'cycle of abuse,' sexual abuse and bullying, child protection issues and patterns of abusive behaviour. This production offers a unique experience for anyone working with children and young people including midwives, school nurses, teachers, social workers as well as providing a insight into the issues for general public awareness campaigns.

'Beautifully and sensitively portrayed – thank you It has been so insightful and thought provoking and child focused'



Explores abuse within a teenage relationship and is an ideal theatre in education project for young people of Secondary School age. This original drama explores notions of love and romance and how abusive tactics can be mistaken for intense feelings of caring or concern; helping young people better understand the warning signs of a controlling relationship. It examines a teen relationship and it’s imbalance of power; how cultural notions of gender roles form beliefs and actions; and highlights coercive control and non-violent tactics of domestic abuse as well as providing access to local support agencies.

"The performance  was outstanding it was incredibly well written and clearly had a great impact on pupils."

Mr Richard Scoot - Head of Pastoral Care Stratton Upper School


Explores the development of an abusive relationship and how 'the system' (GP, work, legal system) can let victims down. Raises awareness of serious cases, the need for a workplace strategy, stalking, legal and medical issues and the aftermath of an abusive relationship. The performance lasts 20 minutes plus discussion.

'Really Brilliant performance. Exceptionally moving and talk at the end very informative and thought provoking'