theSpace on North Bridge (V36) North Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1SD

4th Aug - 26th Aug (not 13th) 12.55pm

'Woman On Fire' is a new, original play by the highly-acclaimed, Certain Curtain Theatre , that takes you into the fiery heart of one of the most dangerous, strange and 'modern-women', in history. By turns, funny, sad, tense and outrageous - but always utterly compelling - 'Woman On Fire' separates the myth from the truth, to leave you amazed...and moved...  

The story of Edith Rigby remains largely unsung. Overshadowed by the more vociferous Pankhurst women, Edith nursed a quiet fire. Yet, inside this calm, affable doctor's daughter, raged a flame that burned white-hot - against social injustice and a political system that denied women their most basic human right - the right to be treated as citizens, in their own land - by denying them the right to vote.


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This new play WOMAN ON FIRE aims to raise the profile of Edith and the issues she was passionate about - women's rights and social and welfare rights.  We are taking it to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August where it will be eligible for a fringe first award. We don't have any sponsorship yet but have set up GoFundMe page where people can support. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival during August is an ideal place to showcase this brand new play and gain media and industry attention for our work. The fund is to cover the basic costs of taking a show to Edinburgh. Venue hire, publicity, travel, registration with the Festival. We operate without any funding whatsoever so every penny counts. 

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